Epstein and Maxwell: Do they have a child?


Did Gislein Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have a child together? Did they have a bond? A series of questions arise after the new photos that came to light.

One of the victims of the pedophile Epstein testified in court for Maxwell that he saw a photo of her naked and pregnant.

One of Maxwell’s defendants, Caroline, shocked the courtroom on Tuesday when she said she had seen photos of Maxwell pregnant during Epstein’s home.

Until now, no one knew that Gislein Maxwell was a mother, nor that Epstein was a father. The court, however, did not provide further details about the alleged pregnancy.

The controversial photo that sparked speculation that the couple was expecting a child together at some point The entire controversial photo

Meanwhile, another recently discovered photo raises questions as it shows Epstein with his hand resting affectionately on Maxwell’s belly, reinforcing speculation that Gislene Maxwell was once pregnant.

The photo shows Epstein and Maxwell standing on a bridge in front of a snowy landscape. The city looks European. However, there is no indication as to when the photo or location was taken, however the city looks European. It is certain that the photo was taken many years ago.

The nature of Maxwell-Epstein’s relationship has been questioned throughout Maxwell’s trial, with prosecutors calling them “accomplices to the crime” and witnesses testifying that they appeared as a couple or had a business relationship.

Epstein and Maxwell wanted to have a child of their own, according to Virginia Roberts’s lawyer, one of Epstein’s most famous victims, who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew.

In fact, her lawyer, Bradley Edwards, wrote last year in his book Relentless Pursuit that when his client was 19, Epstein and Maxwell suggested she conceive their baby. “Virginia was told she would be cared for for the rest of her life if she agreed to give Epstein and Maxwell a child, although there were some conditions,” Edwards wrote.

“Specifically, she would have to sign a contract stating that the baby would not be hers, but Epstein and Maxwell’s legal child,” he added.

All this further fuels the rumors that Epstein and Maxwell wanted a child of their own and does not rule out the possibility that the couple had tried to conceive naturally before turning to a surrogate mother.

However, Roberts did not accept the offer. “It was the drop that overflowed the glass. She could not bear the thought that Epstein and Maxwell would raise her child. “He knew he had to escape,” he wrote.

This is what prompted Roberts to flee to Thailand after three years of abuse in what he called the “sexual heresy” of Epstein and Maxwell.

Prosecutors have filed dozens of photos in evidence showing Epstein and Maxwell as a couple in love.

One photo shows Maxwell sunbathing on a yacht and several others show them vacationing in Europe with one of them looking erotically at each other.

The unprecedented photos give a great picture of the close relationship of the couple, as they showed their luxurious lifestyle.

The photos were presented as evidence in Maxwell’s trial. Another photo shows Maxwell massaging Epstein’s feet on the Lolita Express, Maxwell kissing the pedophile on the cheek with her arms wrapped around him and another being with him on a motorcycle.

A series of photos found at Epstein’s house show that the satanic couple were not the only accomplices in the crime.

They probably had an affair together, something that was not known.

The images were taken during an FBI raid in 2019 at Epstein’s Manhattan mansion and offer a better picture of their lavish lives, with trips to exotic locations by helicopter and private jet.

Last week Epstein pilot Larry Visoski, who had been flying with the billionaire for 15 years, said he never knew about Maxwell’s alleged pregnancy.

One of the photos they showed in court was this famous photo from a plane of Epstein’s orgies

Gislene Maxwell rubs Epstein’s leg on her chest Photo courtesy Gislein Maxwell Gislin Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein many years ago

The perverted duo lived a life of luxury, with trips to exotic places.

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