Apps of the week: Never pay too much for parking again


One is an app that helps you stop your parking app and Instagram is getting a new style. These are the apps of the week.


ParkEnd is a handy app from the Netherlands if you ever forget to turn off your parking app. Nowadays, we pay more and more for parking via an app, but you pay unnecessarily if you don’t stop it when you leave.

You activate the free ParkEnd app immediately after parking. As soon as the app sees that you are back where you activated the app, you will receive a notification with a reminder that you still need to stop the parking app. If this is not enough, it is also possible to set a persistent alarm.

The app is free to download and use, but contains ads. There is no option to remove this listing with a purchase.

Download ParkEnd for iOS (free).


Be funny now!

with the game Be funny now! you can find out how funny you really are by competing against your friends or complete strangers. Together you have to answer the same question in a comical way, by typing something or drawing a picture.

For example: “Draw a pizza with your favorite ingredients” or “The reason the Nintendo 64 controller had three handles was because…”. Everyone then has a limited time to find an answer.

The group judges each response via an emoji, such as an angry face or a smiling face with tears in its eyes. Plus, you can throw in golden roses if you really liked it, or tomatoes if it was bad. Roses and tomatoes should be purchased first.

Be funny now! is also free to play. The game is only available in English, but if you play with friends you can of course just give the answers in Dutch.

Download Be funny now! for Android or iOS (free).


Instagram is a little different to some and to others it looks like a completely different app. The company introduces its own new font for everyone: Instagram Sans. This font is inspired by the Instagram logo.

Instagram hopes users will use the font in Stories to distinguish these videos from TikTok videos. Interestingly, the style also works in Arabic, Thai, and Japanese scripts, among others.

The big change is only visible to some, as Instagram is testing a new way to to feed portray. All the photos and videos posted as messages suddenly fill the entire screen. This may mean the end of square photos in the app. The change has received a lot of criticism, so it’s unclear if this update is permanent.

Download Instagram for Android or iOS (free).

Instagram’s new look

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