Spinalonga: Ready to welcome tourists – Target over 300 thousand visitors


Ready to welcome visitors who will choose to be in Crete for their holidays is Spinalonga, which maintains a steady interest, even in the years of the pandemic, of tourists, whether foreign or Greek visitors from the rest of the country or and from Crete.

“The interest in the last decade is very intense and this is reflected in the number of visitors,” the deputy mayor of Agios Nikolaos, Haris Alexakis, told APE-MPE, adding that even in 2020, when the measures for the pandemic were strict and tourism was limited to a very short period of time, from July to August Spinalonga had managed to have a fairly dynamic flow of visitors.

“In 2020, from July until the end of August, the visitors to the former Island of Lepers, had reached 40 thousand people” notes Mr. Alexakis and adds that the goal this year is the traffic in Spinalonga to reach pre-pandemic levels.

“In the summer of 2019, the number of visitors to Spinalonga exceeded 300 thousand. “If everything goes as we expect, we are ready to reach these numbers or even bigger this year,” said the deputy mayor of Agios Nikolaos, who added that the flow of visitors has already begun to thicken not only in Spinalonga, but in the region as a whole.

“The importance of this monument, however, and how it manifests itself as interest, is reflected in the repeated visits of locals,” explained Mr. Alexakis, who added that the history of the island and the stay there, for years of the Hansenites, seems to move them to this day. visitors who know, but also tourists who are informed about the role played by the island, for as long as it was “The island of minutes”.

“This piece of history makes Spinalonga a unique monument that is deeply moving. “Based on this, the Ministry of Culture has been trying for years to include it in the list of Unesco World Heritage Sites, a request that we hope will go ahead,” added Mr. Alexakis.

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