With new illegal NAVTEX, Turkey launches Cesme in the Aegean


THE Anchor holds her up tension in the Aegeanas after aggressive rhetoricthe barrage overflights and violations of Greek airspace, returns to their tactics illegal NAVTEX for hydrographic surveys even in the center of the Aegean.

According to ERTafter sending it Yunusissued new illegal NAVTEX from Smyrna Station for hydrographic surveys of the research vessel TSG Cesme in two areas in the center of the Aegean west of the 25th meridian between Skyros – Ai Strati and Lesvos. The investigations will be conducted from today until June 14.

In this area, the right to issue announcements belongs to Greece and since this is a hydrographic survey that does not concern the continental shelf, it is estimated that it is another attempt by Turkey to provoke and test the reflexes of Greece.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias in a statement to the NEWS he calls on the Allies not to give in to Turkey’s blackmail and referring to Greek-Turkish points out that we are witnessing an escalation of Turkish aggressive rhetoric and unprecedented actions against the sovereignty and sovereign rights of our country.

«We react with prudence and composure. We are not carried away by extreme rhetoric from across the Aegean. We choose the way and the time that we will answer. It is obvious that Turkish aggression is not limited to our countryMr. Dendias points out and referring to the impending invasion of Syria but also to the Turkish reaction to the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO, he emphasizes that this is another proof of Turkey’s revisionist stance.

Meanwhile yesterday, the Turkish Minister of Energy, Fatih Donmez revealed that the fourth drilling rig will start its work in two months and while it is already in the port of Mersin in the Eastern Mediterranean, opposite Cyprus.

According to the pro-government press, he will start his work in the Eastern Mediterranean without specifying exactly where. The optimistic scenario is for the Cypriot EEZ, as broadcast by Manolis Kostidis

Tsavousoglou provokes again with a new delusion against Greece-Hints and in Sweden-Finland

In fact, the target of the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlüt Tsavousoglu Greece was found again, talking about Sweden and Finland join NATO.

The Turkish Foreign Minister claims that Greece was the cause for delaying the accession of Northern Macedonia to NATO.

“How many years did the process of Macedonia’s accession to NATO take? 11 years! Why 11 years? Because Greece asked Macedonia to change the name of the state and become Northern Macedonia and that lasted 11 years. “We do not want any country to change its name,” he said.

Deliberately forgetting the geographical designation of Northern Macedonia, the Turkish Foreign Minister distorts the reality, trying to justify the fierce bazaar of Ankara, which demands compensation in order not to block the accession of the 2 Scandinavian countries.

“Approaches like ‘we will definitely convince Turkey in time’ ‘we are friends and allies’ would not be right, I tell you openly, these countries need to take concrete steps.”

At the same time he maintained that the Turkey expects the Sweden and Finland to take concrete action and stop providing, as he said, support to terrorist organizations in order that Ankara to lift its objections to the two countries joining NATO.

Finland, Sweden formally apply to join NATO last week seeking to boost security after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and hoping that their accession process will be quick.

Other NATO members have described NATO’s planned enlargement as historic.

However, Turkey has raised objections, saying that these countries are supporting persons associated with the PKK and supporters of the imam Fethullah Gulenwhich Ankara accuses it of orchestrating the failed coup in 2016.

All 30 NATO member states must approve a country’s candidacy before it can join the Alliance and begin to benefit from NATO’s collective security guarantee.

«A clear move must be made on Turkey’s concerns. They must stop supporting terrorism“, Said Tsavousoglou during a press conference.

Source: ERT

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