Finally the masks from June 1: Where will it remain mandatory – What will apply to schools and universities


The mandatory use of the mask in all indoor and outdoor areas will be abolished from next Wednesday, June 1st, until September 15th.

However, there are some exceptions to the space that will remain.

More specifically, the mask is removed: on airplanes but also on intercity transport, where there is a numbered seat, such as trains and intercity buses.

It is noted that the mask is also removed for employees in these areas.

That remains

The mask remains in hospitals and care units for the elderly, but also in other health structures where its presence is considered necessary at the moment, while those who use public transport, such as city buses, the metro, trolley, tram and electric.

What will apply to schools and universities

Students will be able to go to school without masks, after the latest decisions of the Special Committee. After the abolition of the obligation to use a mask both outdoors and indoors, from June 1, the experts suggested the same for schools-universities.

It is noted that unvaccinated teachers should do a rapid test every week, while the only case where the use of a mask remains mandatory by pupils and students is during the Examinations.

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