Dendias: Partners and allies should not give in to the blackmail of Turkey, in whatever “cloak” they are surrounded


A message to Greece’s partners and allies not to give in to Turkey’s blackmail, with whatever “mantle” and if they are surrounded, is sent by Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias, in a statement to the newspaper “Ta Nea Savvatokyriako”.

In addition, he emphasizes that our country is a factor of “reliability and stability and not a clever neutral”.

According to the Foreign Minister, in recent weeks, “despite the assurances of the Turkish side, we are witnessing an escalation of Turkish aggressive rhetoric, as well as unprecedented actions against our sovereignty and sovereign rights.”

He notes that Greece’s response to these challenges is based on three fixed parameters:

“First, we react with prudence and composure. We are not carried away by extreme rhetoric from across the Aegean. We choose the way and the time that we will answer “.

Mr. Dendias points out that Turkish aggression is not limited to our country, as is evident from the rumors of an impending Turkish invasion of northern Syria and the strong reaction to the prospect of Sweden’s accession to NATO. which we must face with vigor and maturity “and” another proof of Turkey’s revisionist stance “.

“Secondly, we respect and promote the positions of principle on which we have based our foreign policy: Respect for international law and the protection of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states,” he said.

“We apply these principles in the case of Ukraine, but also in the case of Turkey,” he said.

Greece is not a “clever neutral”. It fully embraces the values ​​of the Republics. He is not blackmailing. “

“He expects the partners and allies not to give in to blackmail, in any” cloak “and if they are surrounded”, he underlines characteristically.

On the basis of the principles, Mr. Dendias points out, Greece responds to all the non-existent and unfounded Turkish objections, as recently with the letter to the UN Secretary General, which deconstructed with solid legal arguments the unprecedented challenge to the sovereignty over the Aegean islands. .

“I believe that Greece’s policy of credibility is bearing fruit. “Our country’s international position has been significantly upgraded,” he said.

“Our partners consider Greece as a force for stability in the Eastern Mediterranean, in the Balkans, and of course in Europe. The Prime Minister’s absolutely successful visit to the United States is a complete proof. “

“Thirdly, we do not have and do not seek to have a Turkish-centric foreign policy that merely reacts to the neighbor’s actions,” he said.

“We have clearly set the framework in which we offer to discuss our unique difference.”

“However, we must seize the opportunities that open up and face the challenges of today and especially tomorrow, with countries that embrace the same principles,” he notes.

He states that Greece has created a network of understandings and strategic cooperation in the Mediterranean, is a model in the Balkans, creates a network of cooperation in Asia and Africa, without forgetting its European partners.

He adds that in a few days the German Foreign Minister will visit Athens “to jointly examine the situation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Ukraine, but also to discuss our common European future.”

“Despite the fundamental changes in the geopolitical environment, Greece is not redefined. “It pursues a policy of values ​​and vigorously protects national interests,” he concludes.

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