Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Three-month extension for “covid contractors”


Amendment for three-month extension of the so-called contractors covid announced in his speech on the budget, the Minister of the Interior Makis Βορίδης.

Responding to a relevant report by the previous speaker, MP of the Movement for Change, Evangelia Liakoulis, Mr. Voridis said that he would bring an amendment that will extend until 31/03/2022, for the contractors who were hired by the Local Governments to address needs due to pandemic. He noted, however, that when the pandemic ends, the relevant contracts will expire. As Mr. Voridis said, this amendment will be included in the “fundraising” bill that will be voted on 21/12/2021.

Referring to the budget, he asked the left-wing parties how, while declaring that they accept the cause-and-effect relationship, they are voting against a budget that is marked by high growth and a thematic de-escalation of unemployment, even though they are the result of government policies.

As for the financing of the local authorities, he said that there is an overall average increase of 4.5% in the budget of the Ministry of Interior, and that the transfers to the first degree local authorities are 2.7% -3% and to the second degree local authorities to 8%. The opposition is talking to us about “crumbs”, that is, about the 100 million additives that were given to the local authorities to deal with the problems with the municipalities, and the 50 million additives for the disasters, said Mr. Voridis.

I am waiting to see, said Mr. Voridis, if you start supporting expansionist policies that destroyed us and if you gained something from the experience of bankruptcy, or if you want to bring us back to the painful situation we went through. But there is experience in the people, and that is why I am not worried. And that’s why the people trust this government, this budget and these policies.

According to Mr. Voridis, at the level of the Ministry of Interior, the official opposition voted against all its regulations, such as the law on teleworking, the law on internal control (corruption), the law on anti-lobbying (influence), the law on law that puts order and transparency in civil society organizations etc. “You have voted against them all,” he said characteristically.  

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