Giannakos: We do not take word from what we said back about the VIP ICUs


The president of POEDIN spoke again about the complaints about closed ICUs for VIP patients

Specifically, he told MEGA: “Today we made a report to the prosecutor of the Supreme Court. We continue to support what we have said. They will be proved by the testimonies of dozens of colleagues who will testify “.

As for what they said to the prosecutor POEDIN executives: “The first is that 40-50 empty ICU beds for coronavirus appear daily and not occasionally, when we have 120 intubated patients outside. And we ask the ministry that says that the coverage is 98%, why are these beds not available for those who are out?».

«Every day 40-50 ICU beds appear empty. This must be answered by the ministrySaid the president of POEDIN, and continued:

«We have submitted specific data with surnames, who found ICU in a few hours, in contrast to 120 who were intubated for days and did not find ICU» said about the complaints about VIP ICU.

He also said he could not say the names of the patients due the protection of their personal data.

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