e-EFKA: 154 additional certified accountants and lawyers are thrown into the battle of outstanding pensions


An additional 154 certified accountants and lawyers are thrown into the battle of outstanding pensions, after the completion of the 2nd cycle of training-certification, conducted by e-EFKA. Now, according to a relevant announcement, the total number of certified accountants and lawyers amounts to 333, as, in the previous cycle, 179 professionals were certified.

In detail, today, the exams of the 2nd certification cycle took place, where the participants amounted to 471.

In addition, 233 accountants and 446 lawyers requested an exemption and will be considered in a future round, while 220 who had originally applied to participate in the training process did not attend at all.

“Due to a technical problem that arose on the platform of the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructures – EDYTE, which limited the examination time by 15 minutes, the examination committee decided unanimously to adjust the number of correct answers according to the time lost by participants and thus ensuring equal treatment and fair scoring of all examinees.

It is reminded that, in the first phase, the certified can undertake new pension cases of the IKA, the OGA and the OAEE, which correspond to 75% of the total number of applications each month.

Finally, the start of the 3rd certification cycle is imminent, as well as the activation of the platform for the submission of new applications by lawyers and accountants, thus responding to the great interest of the specific professionals to help EFKA, the insured and consequently the Greek society “is pointed out in the announcement.

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