US: ‘Top Secret’ JFK Murder Records Released – New Conspiracy Theories


“The top secret files of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy were released at last », the international media announce and include the “revelation” that the former marine Lee Harvey Oswald met with a KGB agent on September 23, 1963, just two months before the murder. The records are over 1500 and while Biden’s staff promised “Full transparency 58 years later”, the many months of delays attributed to the pandemic and the announcement that not all files will be released are provoking reactions.

The files include memos describing anonymous phone calls to the US Embassy in Canberra, Australia. a year before the murder, “To warn that the Soviet leadership was planning to assassinate Kennedy”, while Oswald’s meeting with an agent of KGB at the Soviet Embassy in Mexico in 1963.

Oswald’s wife, Marina, who was Russian, is mentioned in all the archives and even includes the testimony of a Moroccan “friend” who, after the murder, contacted the CIA.

The relevance of all these elements to the research is not known, the newspaper points out Daily Mail.

Oswald telephoned the Soviet Embassy on October 1 and, speaking in broken Russian, asked if there was “anything about the telegram to Washington,” according to another document.

“New conspiracy theories as not all files will be released”

The dossiers were collected by a committee set up by Congress in 1992. The investigation was completed in 1997 with a report, but thousands of documents were kept secret from the government. The files that will remain secret until next December for further consideration by the national security services.

THE Kennedy family are among those who have repeatedly requested that the documents be made public.

Earlier this year, the Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew of the former president, spoke about blow against democracy, expressing outrage at the files that will remain secret.

“We are not supposed to have secret governments within the government”

“What could justify the non-disclosure of these documents 58 years later?” Robert Kennedy Jr. wrote in Politico last October.

The former MP Patrick Kennedy, son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, also criticized the decision: “I think that for the good of the country, everything should be made public about the very history of our nation,” he said.

The president was assassinated in 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas, Texas.

Oswald denied shooting JFK and was killed two days later. He was also accused of shooting police officer JD Tippit.

Oswald, a former Marine and Marxist, was assassinated two days later by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby, who cited outrage over Kennedy’s assassination.

Joe Biden had promised release by October

The US President is called to answer why the government “does not announce everything” while for the delay from October he cited difficulties due to the pandemic.

“Because the government took so long, whatever is revealed, no one is going to believe it,” an official told CNN.

The former president Donald Trump approved the release of 10,000 files on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, however, decided to postpone the disclosure of some “sensitive” documents, giving him six months to explain why they should not be made public.

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