Institutions: The claw back is the condemnation of the PHC – The ceiling is salvation


The ceiling application at diagnostic examinations, requests the coordinating body of Primary Health Care providers (ΠΦΥ) emphasizing that “it must be realized that the increased demand for COVID examinations is to be expected and that the needs of COVID cases cannot be accurately predicted. “The pandemic wants money to deal with its consequences, not cost-cutting measures that may have an impact on the service of policyholders.” An announcement of the coordinating body states that after its actions to strengthen the budget of Primary Health Care, the aid was achieved by 20,500,000 euros for 2020 and by 61,970,000 euros for 2021.

“Nevertheless, the claw back that was announced yesterday for September is once again unbearable, while it is predicted that the respective claw back amounts for the 10th, 11th and 12th will move at inconceivable levels.”

The coordinating body of PHC invites the Minister of Health Ath. Plevris to a meeting with issues of discussion:

“1) The application of plafond in the diagnostic examinations, as it has already been applied for 10 years to the clinicians for the visits of the insured of EOPYY.

2) From 2022 onwards, after the creation of a repayment code for the diagnostic examinations carried out within the framework of the preventive control of the insured and to which no claw back will be applied. This budget should be financed from EU cash or through NSRF and should not deduct money from the already insufficient budget of the diagnostic examinations of EOPYY and

3) From 2022 onwards, to create a repayment code for the diagnostic examinations related to the COVID and POST COVID incidents, in which no claw back is applied, to result from an extra grant and not to deduct an amount from the budget of the diagnostic examinations “.

They note that they initially expressed their satisfaction with the Minister of Health for the money added to the code of the diagnostic examinations for 2020 and 2021, “but judging by the result, the money added to the code of the PHC is not enough due to the increased demand for examinations in view of the coronavirus which burdens an already deficit budget, but also the parallel collapse of public structures, where they can no longer serve the insured even for simple diagnostic tests “.

The coordinating body of private sector PHC bodies calls on its members to be ready for further actions in the sector and reminds that “the collapse of PHC will also mean the collapse of the National Health System”.

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