Britain: “The Omicron variant is responsible for 60% of cases in London”


England chief Chris Whitey said today that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is a really serious threat and that what health officials already know about it is “bad”.

“It’s a really serious threat right now. “There are a lot of things we do not know about the threat, but everything we know is bad,” Whitney told a news conference.

“And the key is the speed at which it moves, it moves at a completely unprecedented rate.”

The British official added: “There are some things we have at the moment, the most important of which is the existence of effective vaccines and the ability to give a boost to speed at this stage.”

Hospital rates are rising in some parts of Britain as the Omicron variant triggers a wave of new infections, Britain’s top health official said today, warning that the number of cases would break records in the next few weeks.

“I’m afraid we have to be realistic that records will be broken a lot in the next few weeks as the indexes continue to rise,” said Chris Whitey.

Meanwhile, British Health Minister Sajid Javid announced today that the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is currently responsible for about 60% of Covid-19 cases in London.

“No one wants to see any more restrictions,” Javid told BBC television, when asked if the government planned to tighten measures to curb the spread.

“At the same time, citizens want to be safe, for themselves, for their family, for their friends.”

Earlier today, Britain announced the highest number of daily cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

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