Revenues of the illicit drug trafficking network exceed € 2 million


It was dismantled by the Sub-Directorate of Drug Prosecution of the Security of Attica, a criminal network of transnational character, which distributed drug tablets and anabolic. The first assessment of ELAS is that illegal income of network exceed the how much of 2 million euros.

In particular, a 49-year-old Bulgarian man, a 38-year-old compatriot and a 63-year-old Greek man, accused of being members of a criminal organization, were arrested following an organized police operation carried out the day before yesterday, Monday 13 December, in Maroussi, Chalandri and Athens.

A case was filed against them for criminal organization and violations of the legislation on addictive substances and on the necessary regulations for the harmonization of the Greek legislation with the new anti-doping code of the World Anti-Doping Organization. At the same time, the 49-year-old is accused of forging certificates. A foreigner who is wanted is also a co-accused of those arrested.

According to ELAS, in order to dismantle the criminal organization, cooperation was developed with the HSI (Homeland Security Investigation) of the US embassy, ​​while there was assistance from the Financial Police Directorate, the Drug Department of the Athens Airport Customs, the Drug Department of SDOE and SDOE Health and Welfare Services Inspectors. Cooperations have also been developed with the countries of import and export of illicit drugs and anabolic steroids.

The Drug Prosecution, after an investigation of information and many days of investigation, found the activity of the transnational network, which was active in the import, by the method of sending parcels from the countries of Italy, Croatia, Portugal, Slovenia, Serbia and Slovakia, and anabolic steroids, as well as in the storage, packaging and subsequent export of the specific quantities to foreign countries. Mainly to USA, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The defendants trafficked illicit substances and anabolic steroids, using postal parcels using false recipient-sender addresses, forged ID cards, for the receipt-delivery of parcels from various courier branches, the use of different courier companies, the finding medicinal tablets from abroad, as well as the use of a packaging plant, for the packaging of illicit tablets to be sent.

“The members of the criminal organization took advantage of the special conditions that have prevailed around the world, due to the pandemic, and thus make huge profits, which according to our first estimate exceed, perhaps, by as much as 2 million euros,” they emphasize. ELAS sources at the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, while adding: “We are continuing the investigation abroad, in cooperation with competent Authorities to find out exactly how much the banned drug tablets and anabolic steroids had.”

It is noted that from the police searches carried out in homes and pharmacies, were found and confiscated, among others: 844,186 illicit drugs, 87,335 anabolic tablets, 19,670 unknown tablets, 91 vials of narcotic substance, 181 vials of , 40 ampoules with drugs and 715 ampoules with anabolic, the amount of 5,310 euros and a car.

The arrested were taken to the Athens Public Prosecutor, who referred them for main interrogation.

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