Fierce clash outside the Courts of Thessaloniki


Vendetta between two families Roma “Hides” behind her wild clash, which took place this morning in front of Courts of Thessaloniki and led to the apprehension of 23 people, of whom three were eventually arrested.

According to what became known, the two families, one based in the settlement of “Agia Sofia” and the other in Nea Mesimvria, were found in the Courts, on the occasion of a case that is under investigation after a robbery lawsuit filed by the second family at the expense of members of the former.

Their “against” -according to information- seems to have as a starting point a marriage that ended ingloriously, when the bride left her husband, returning to her father, with the groom’s family urging her to return. Since then, the quarrels between them started, which were transferred to Justice, when the groom’s relatives filed a lawsuit for robbery (in a car yard) against members of the bride’s family. The defendants allege that the robbery allegation is false and pretentious and that they have been receiving threats throughout the past not to reveal to the authorities that the cause of the lawsuit was family rivalry.

In view of today’s scheduled apology to the Investigator for this case, members of both families gathered outside the Thessaloniki Courthouse. There they were caught in the arms and a fierce fight ensued.

The assailants were holding sticks, iron bars and other objects, while they did not hesitate to use chairs of adjacent restaurants as ammunition, causing terror to passers-by and passers-by. At least one person was injured and taken to hospital for first aid.

The intervention of strong police forces prevented the worst and the situation calmed down. 23 extraditions followed, while during a search of one of the vehicles of the accused, a shotgun and ammunition were found.

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