Pavlakis: “At the moment it would be wise to introduce some restrictions – Vaccines are not enough”


US researcher George Pavlakis spoke about the need to apply restrictions at a time when the Omicron mutation is spreading

Specifically, he told SKAI that the Delta and Omicron mutations will not be limited except by limiting human contacts.

«At this time it would be wise and very good to close schools for example, to introduce some restrictions. Anything done now will save tenfold or a hundredfold in JanuaryAnd added that if, for example, schools are closed cases will be reduced by 1,500 to 2,000 per day and that is why “one must take it more seriously now, with the knowledge we have that Omicron does not stop at anything».

We as a society should not believe that “Everything is fine»,«we will all go together to Ermou to shop and then to the “absolute New Year’s Eve” and the ski resorts to get stuck».

He noted that there is one last chance to do something more drastic before the holidays. and that now the main indicator is the number of cases and not ICUs or deaths, as “there we lost the game».

Provides a “big tsunami“In January as a result of the holiday season that”Greece is “proud” that everything will be open and nothing will be done to mitigate the wave of infections».

Although Mr. Pavlakis seemed satisfied with the pace of vaccinations, he stressed that the World Health Organization states that vaccines are not enough for halting the pandemic wave.

As for the Omicron mutation, there are no vaccinated or unvaccinated. Vaccinated people are not in danger of ending up in ICU by 90% but they can be infected without symptoms or with minimal and transmit the virus to others.

Regarding the third installment stressed that it is not known how long its influence will last.

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