Pregnant women and vaccines: “I was worried but science knows better”


Evangelia Kostagianni, 7 months pregnant, talked about her vaccination during her pregnancy

Specifically, he told MEGA: “I was worried but I talked to my doctor and midwife and I followed their advice. What bothered me was that we heard different things, some said one thing, others we heard from the other. I listened to my doctor’s advice and obviously I listened to him. “

He did both doses of the vaccine but had no side effects except a slight discomfort in her hand.

“I feel more secure, because I already have a child who is going to primary school. He is seven years old. In a discussion I had with the pediatrician, yes, I will vaccinate her. I think we need to listen to science, because we ask for science. “Science knows best.” said and added: “I think we all have questions, but it is good to discuss them with people who know the situation.”

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