Britain: A wave of cancellations is causing “horror stories” for Omicron


London, Response: Natasa Kantzavelou

The “horror stories” about Omicron erupt wave of cancellations in pubs and restaurants in anticipation of Christmas with the chief physician of England pointing out yesterday to the British to limit their festive plans.

The cancellations represent one in ninety restaurants in west London as the venue experiences a crisis again due to the pandemic with performances closing as actors and staff have been infected with the coronavirus while bookings are collapsing.

The government’s scientific advisers are calling for additional restrictions on “Plan C”, as they warn that there could be 1 million cases daily until next month and 4,000 hospital admissions, levels similar to those observed last January.

Yesterday was the highest negative record of daily cases with 78,000 cases, an increase of 50% compared to last week, overshadowing the previous record of 68,053 in January.

In addition already Schools across the UK say they are ready to turn to online learning if needed for the next quarter, as in England, the latest figures show that 236,000 students were left out of school due to coronavirus. However, the fact that it was decided on Monday that the vaccination will start with the second dose of children, aged 12 to 15, is supposed to help Omicron not to affect the closure of schools.  

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