Australia: Five dead children lost in school crash


Five children were killed and others were seriously injured in Australia today when the inflatable castle in which they were playing was swept away by a gust of wind, according to police.

The accident occurred during a celebration for the end of the quarter at Devonport Elementary School on the island of Tasmania (South Australia).

The children fell from a height of about ten meters. Four of them, aged between 10 and 12, died on the spot and a fifth succumbed to their injuries at the hospital, Tasmanian police said, having launched an investigation into the crash.

Media reports showed police collapsing, describing “very difficult and painful scenes”.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the accident “heartbreaking”.

“Young children were having fun in the countryside with their families and this turned into this horrible tragedy, this time of year, it breaks your heart,” he said.

The meteorological service had forecast “light winds” and sunshine for today as the summer of the southern hemisphere begins in this area, which is located on the north coast of Tasmania.

source: ΑΠΕ

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