Contacts Tsipras with Solts, Costa, Sanchez – Meets with Gentiloni, Leta, Perez


Contacts with the young person chancellor of Germany, Olaf Solts, the Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Costa and the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, had the Chairman of SYRIZA PS, Alexis Tsipras, at the beginning of the work of the Council of the Party of Eurosocialists, in which he participates as a guest observer.

According to party sources, Mr. Costa, during their meeting, invited Mr. Tsipras to visit his country and support his campaign in view of the upcoming January elections in Portugal.

Mr Tsipras will then meet with EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs Paolo Gentiloni, Italian Democratic Party leader Enrico Letta, Socialist and Democrat Group leader in the European Parliament Iratxe Garcia Perez and other European officials.  

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