Gaga: “Those patients who stay out of the ICU, due to the fact that they can not travel by ambulance”


The Deputy Minister of Health from the podium of the Parliament spoke about the study Lytra – Tsiodra

Features Mina Gaga stressed how “We can not compare mortality.”

«I have been in the NSS for 30 years. Every winter we had in the clinics intubated outside intensive care units. They did not die for us. The narrowness was greater then. Now we have more beds. During this period when there is a lot of pressure, some patients may be out of the unit for a few days. Non-ICU patients are transported to the units as soon as possible. However, each patient has a different severity and a different age. Other reserves of a 40-year-old and others of a 90-year-old. Those patients who remain outside the ICU, due to the fact that they can not travel by ambulance. So, we can not compare mortality».

At the same time, he noted that in other countries there were pipelines in stadiums while Germany transferred patients to ICUs in Italy.

“We do the best we can in difficult conditions,” she said. We only have intensivists. For us the problems are fatigue and pressure. “On the government side, we are doing what we can to meet needs that are changing every day.”

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