Thessaloniki: 5 kilos of heroin under an alan rock


Four members of an organized occupation-transport and distribution circuit large quantities of drugs in Greece (mainly in Athens-Thessaloniki) were arrested by the police of the General Affairs Department of the Drug Prosecution Sub-Directorate Thessaloniki. Three women aged 42, 57 and 27 and a 33-year-old participated in the circuit.

The police investigation revealed that the 42-year-old and the 33-year-old were leaders of the gang and had undertaken to receive the drugs, to transport them and to hide them, while the other two women had undertaken the trafficking in the area of ​​Dendropotamos.

All four were arrested by the police at the place where they had the “cauldron” of drugs: The rock of an alley behind the apartment building in Dendropotamos, under which they hid ten packages of heroin. The men of the Prosecution found and confiscated a total of five kilos of heroin. With the case against them, the four arrested were taken to the prosecutor.

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