Hatzitheodosiou: The turnover of the holidays is not enough to repay the accumulated liabilities


For the situation prevailing in Buy, making one account for the year to come, but also expressing his assessments for the new year, spoke the chairman of the Central Union of Chambers of Greece and the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Giannis Hatzitheodosiou, on ERT1.

Referring to the chamber’s three studies, in collaboration with ICAP, on pandemic damage to restaurants, retail and kiosks, he noted the losses incurred by businesses in 2020, noting that the restrictive measures led to a reduction in turnover of more than 40%.

He stressed that the major issue affecting households and businesses is that of accuracy and underlined that if the government does not take immediate action, price increases will be much higher immediately after the holidays, as the stock of businesses will be depleted. .

The economy is at a critical stage, he said, adding that the turnover expected during the holiday season is an optimistic element, but it is not enough to be able to repay the accumulated liabilities.

The president noted that the chamber and business community expects the government to take immediate decisions to postpone the repayment of the Refundable Advance, the reduction of VAT on basic necessities from 13% to 6%, as well as to cover part of its costs. electricity, which for many companies accounts for up to 50% of total operating costs.

“If no measures are taken, price increases will be out of control,” said Mr. Hatzitheodosiou, explaining that companies have no room to absorb increases in energy, transport and raw material prices.

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