The cases of the “Omicron” mutation have reached 14


Completed by the National SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Surveillance Network, which operates under the coordination of ΕΟΔΥ, the genomic analysis in 1,173 samples that have been randomly selected or targeted and cover the period November 6, 2021 to December 13, 2021.

From the control of 1,173 samples, a total of 1,144 samples with strains of special interest (Variants Of Concern – VOC) emerged. Of the 1,144 specimens of special interest, 1,130 relate to the Delta strain, and 14 relate to the Omicron. Thirteen of the 1,130 Delta executives belong to the strain ΑΥ.4.2, which were located in the Regional Units of Argolida (7), Lassithi (3), Piraeus (2), and Serres (1).

The fourteen Omicron executives were identified in three imported cases in the Peripheral Units of Lassithi, the Central Sector of Athens and Heraklion and in eleven domestic cases in the Peripheral Units of Lassithi (7), Laconia (3) and Heraklion (1).

Since the launch of the National SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Surveillance Network, a total of 39,166 samples of domestic cases have been tested in the country. Of these, 34,886 come from random sampling, 3,539 come from targeted sampling or sampling and for 741 samples the selection method is not available. Among the 34,886 randomly selected samples in the territory, the four most frequently targeted or monitored strains isolated are Alpha with 44.61%, followed by Delta with 41.51%, B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K) with a percentage of 6.72%, and Beta with a percentage of 0.95%. Of the 3,539 samples taken or selected in a targeted manner, 3,376 were found to be of special interest or under observation or interest. Of these samples, 37.02% relate to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 36.93% to Delta, 15.23% to Alpha, 5.71% to Beta, 0.11% to C.36 , 0.11% in Omicron, 0.08% in Gamma, 0.08% in Eta, 0.08% in A.28 and 0.03% in Mu. In addition, a total of 439 strains of special interest or under surveillance or interest have been isolated from samples of imported cases, of which 300 relate to Delta, 113 to Alpha, 7 to Mu, 6 to Beta, 5 to Omicron, 4 to B.1.1.318 (Variant E484K), 1 in Eta, 1 in C.36, 1 in Kappa, and 1 in B.1.1 (Variant E484K).

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