EODY: Announcement for the complaints of an employee for psychological and moral bullying


EODY issued an announcement about the employee’s complaints of psychological and moral bullying through its official website.

Analytically o ΕΟΔΥ states:

“On the occasion of recent press reports concerning allegations of alleged incidents of psychological and moral intimidation against an employee of EODY, which are said to have been committed by August 2021 by executives of the Organization, EODY through the Chairman of the Board notes the following :

The current President of EODY, Professor Theoklis Zaoutis, who was appointed to this position last October, with Ministerial Decision No. C4b / oik.62026 (Government Gazette YODD 857 – 07.10.2021), has only recently become aware of this issue and the relevant press releases.

Prof. Zaoutis immediately requested urgent and official information from both the competent service agents of the Organization and the Independent Legal Service Department of EODY.

In any case, if any, even a slight, suspicion of disciplinary control behavior arises, the Management, with absolute consistency in its principles and commitments, will apply in full what the law stipulates “.

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