Italy: 26,109 new cases and 123 deaths – Discussion on vaccination of children 0-5 years


In the last twenty-four hours, 26,109 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Italy and 123 people have lost their lives. In total, 718,821 diagnostic tests were performed, 3.6% of which were positive.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of infections is 5,308,180, with 135,301 deaths. At this stage, most cases are recorded in the regions with capitals of Milan, Venice and Rome. There are 917 patients with covid 19 in the intensive care units, while there are 7,338 in the hospital wards. It is a matter of concern that, in just twenty-four hours, 101 patients have been admitted to the ICUs of the country.

The Italian Deputy Minister of Health, Andrea Costa, in his statements on Rai public television, referred to the prospect of vaccinating children aged 0 to 5 years.

“We hope that the vaccine for the youngest children can arrive by the end of March. “We look forward with great hope to the results of the work of scientists, who offer us, every day, new weapons against the pandemic”, stressed the Italian Deputy Minister of Health.  

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