Mosialos: “Key” for Omicron the third installment


Those vaccinated with a booster dose usually get very mild disease with the Omicron mutation or they may not even get sick from it, stressed today the professor of Health Policy at LSE Elias Mosialos.

“It is important that our body responds to real conditions” said Mr. Mosialos speaking in the main news bulletin of SKAI and underlined that the first data for the Omicron mutation show that one gets sick more easily, but more mildly. “The most important thing is to look at the clinical publications,” he added.

In any case, the professor clarified that the above does not mean that those who have received the two doses of vaccine are automatically unprotected. A significant percentage is still shielded against Omicron, but this is not true for everyone. “This percentage of shielding has dropped compared to Delta,” he said.

The vast majority of those who have recently been vaccinated with two doses will not have a problem, he concluded, recommending that there should be no panic.

To know exactly whether Omicron is more or less dangerous than Delta, we need to know what you do to those who are not vaccinated, he explained, explaining that in the case of the Delta mutation there was a good sample; however, now with its spread Omicron, there are more vaccinated people and therefore many vaccinated patients get mild disease.

The professor referred to the state of alarm that prevails in Britain with the “invasion” of the Omicron mutation, describing that no additional measures have been taken beyond the resumption of mask use indoors.

The majority of Britons have either been vaccinated – especially those over 60 – or have contracted previous forms of coronavirus.

“So it is possible that there is a relatively good cross-protection,” he said, noting, however, that there is undoubtedly a concern due to the rapid transmission and dispersal of this strain.

It is inevitable now with a virus that is transmitted so dramatically, everyone will more or less get stuck in Britain in the near future, he summed up. As Mr. Mosialos explained, even if he is a less dangerous executive, many more will be stuck and this implies as if it has a burden on the health systems.  

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