USA: Workers at the collapsed candle factory complain to the company that they were not allowed to leave


Workers at a Kentucky candle factory, which was destroyed by a tornado last week, have filed a lawsuit claiming that bosses threatened to fire anyone who left the job as the storm approached.

The class action lawsuit was filed Wednesday and The documents state that Mayfield Consumer Products banned the 110 workers from leaving the facility, even though they had been notified three hours before the tornado hit the area.

Eliza Johnson, 20, said in the lawsuit that the company had shown a blatant disregard for the safety of workers, forcing them to stay at the factory despite expressing concern about the impending extreme.

He is charged with this lawsuit the company that it did not provide a safe workplace, in violation of state regulations. Payment of monetary compensation to employees is also requested.

The company denies banning employees from leaving. Kentucky Gov. Andy Besir said Tuesday that authorities will investigate the collapse of the plant.

On December 10, strong tornadoes hit Kentucky and neighboring states, causing 76 people lost their lives. The 22 victims were in the city of Mayfield, where the candle factory was located and among them was and its eight employees.

The roof of a warehouse Amazon also collapsed in Illinois, killing six employees.

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