EU: Ukraine a candidate for EU membership


The head of the European Commission, h Ursula von der Leyenexpressed her confidence that it will be officially given to Ukraine candidate country status to integration ahead of the EU Summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday.

“I firmly believe that we will ensure a positive decision, that we will receive support,” Ms von der Layen told German public television network ARD last night.

“Of course, this is a historic decision that the European Council must take now, but the preparations are good,” he said, adding that he was “confident” of Kiev’s accession prospects.

Her statements came after the European Commission recommended that Ukraine and Moldova be granted EU candidate status.

The 27 will discuss the recommendation at the end of the week. The agenda will also include Georgia’s request, which the Commission considers to be subject to the fulfillment of various terms and conditions.

At least for the time being, the Member States do not seem to have a common approach to the accession of Ukraine and Moldova. At the same time, the Austrian government is asking for candidate status to join Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Romania is pushing for Georgia.

Mrs von der Leyen insisted that the Commission was set up on the basis of the database, facts and preparatory work of the previous eight years. “Ukraine has made huge strides in recent years,” she said, but “we want to see more.”

source: ΑΠΕ

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