EasyJet cancels additional flights at Schiphol due to staff shortages


Low-cost airline easyJet is canceling additional flights this summer, including at Schiphol airport. The cause is the persistent shortage of staff at the Dutch airport, the company announced on Monday.

Due to a lack of manpower for security work and baggage handling, Schiphol announced last week that the flights had to be canceled. This also affects easyJet. The airline said last week it was still awaiting details but was already canceling additional flights.

In this way, the company wants to give its customers more time to book an alternative flight. It is not yet known how many flights are affected. The British low-cost airline is one of Schiphol’s biggest users. EasyJet is also canceling flights at Gatwick airport in London.

The airline announced a few weeks ago that a number of flights from Amsterdam to London Gatwick and London Luton had been canceled ahead of the summer. This was also decided due to the large crowds at Schiphol. According to a spokesperson, the current measure is in addition to these previous cancellations.

KLM had previously announced that it would sell fewer tickets to reduce crowds at Schiphol.

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