Replacement of electrical appliances: All announcements


The platform opens tomorrow, while the vouchers will be available 3 weeks after its closing – By September 16, the beneficiaries must have redeemed the digital coupons

From The subsidy for the replacement of electrical appliances will range from 135 to 710 eurosfor which the platform opens tomorrow for the submission of applications, as recently announced by the Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas and the Secretary-General for Energy and Minerals, Alexandra Sdoukou.

Through the program 380,000 power-consuming devices will be replaced and beneficiaries will see a reduction in electricity bills from 150-300 euros per year, while the total savings in electricity generation will reach 209,000 megawatt hours.

In fact, as announced in the near future is coming new action to replace commercial refrigeratorswhich are also the most energy consuming.

As Ms. Skoudou explained, the budget program of 150 million euros, subsidizes households and not businesses, and each application can include from 1 to 3 devices and in each case up to two air conditioners and a refrigerator or freezer.

The platform, which will be launched tomorrow, Tuesday 21 June, will be opened gradually based on the expiring VAT number.

Tomorrow the platform opens for those whose AFM expires at 1 and 2, while the next day (June 22) will open for those whose final AFM number expires at 3.

For the submission of the application no supporting documents are requiredas all data will be pumped automatically and crossed.

According to Ms. Sdoukou, only one application can be submitted for each residence, either main or holiday. For example, in a family with 2 parents and 2 children, both parents will be able to submit up to 2 separate applications for a different residence each.

However, the house, main or secondary, should be identified with the house where the old one was located.

The measure concerns citizens with a residence either privately owned or rented or granted.

Amount and reinforcement process

The subsidy rate ranges from 30% to 50% of the cost of devices depending on the income category of the beneficiaries.

Thus, citizens with an income below 5,000 euros, will receive the maximum amount of the subsidy (50%), while for incomes over 20,000 euros the subsidy is set at 30%.

ΤThe aid limits range from 135-710 euroswhile the residents of Athens, according to Ms. Sdoukou, will receive a larger subsidy from the residents of the islands, due to the reduced VAT.

  • For example, a resident of Athens for an air conditioner of 9,000 BTW can receive an aid of 340 euros, while of the island 320 euros.
  • For air conditioner 24,000 BTW the maximum amount reaches 710 euros.

In terms of procedure, when the platform closes on July 5th, applications will be evaluated with economic and social criteria. As Mrs. Sdoukou pointed out, the aid concerns everyone, regardless of income, however, priority will be given to the most vulnerable.

Then, the beneficiaries based on the ranking order will not receive a sum of money but a digital coupon, one per device. On the coupon there will be a unique code, the name, the VAT number and the mobile phone of the beneficiary, the device category, the aid percentage, the provision number and his home address.

The first coupons will be available in 3 weeks from the closing of the platform while by September 16 the beneficiaries must have used the vouchers.


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