Erdogan’s new delusion: Greece is killing refugees


A new delusion against Greece proceeded Tayyip Erdogan, using one of his favorite topics is immigration. The Turkish president launched a fierce attack against Athens for refugee managementclaiming that our country is persecuting, robbing, beats and kills refugees!

“Recently, about 30,000 migrants, mostly women and children, have lost their lives in the Mediterranean. The whereabouts of tens of thousands of Syrian children who fled to Europe, from whom they were abducted, and whose fate is unknown. “Almost every day we witness the plight of refugees who have been persecuted, robbed, beaten and killed by the Greek Security Forces,” said Tayyip Erdogan, speaking on video in Istanbul.

“In fact, the burden of immigration and refugees, countries like ours, which are adjacent to crisis areas, are attracted, not developed societies that have a strong voice.”

It will “denounce” Greece to NATO

Yesterday, a Sabah article reported that the Turkish president intends to give “evidence” to NATO that “show that Greece is violating the Lausanne and Paris treaties.”

The newspaper’s report is titled “Landing with documents at the NATO Summit” and states that the Turkish president will denounce Greece before all members of the Alliance for the militarization of the islands, and the visits of senior officials to them.

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