Assange case: “Change” in Australia’s handling of the case


His wife, Julian Assange, said there was a clear “change” in the way the Australian government handled his case following the election of Anthony Albanese last month.

Stella Assange said that Australia “can and must talk to its closest partner to close the case”, describing the “deviation” that criminalizes journalism.

“There is indeed a change,” she said, referring to the government’s stance. “It looks like we’ve been running a marathon for a long time (…) but now I feel like we have a lot of people running with us and maybe we’ll see the finish line,” added Stella Assange.

In an interview with state radio station Radio National this morning, the wife of the founder of WikiLeaks pointed out that his health had deteriorated during the three years he was being held in Belmars Prison in London.

“It’s a bad environment and it would make anyone’s health worse, but his health was already bad when he was in prison,” he said, adding that Julian Assange had suffered a “minor stroke” in October.

“So his health is deteriorating and we are extremely worried that at any moment he will have a catastrophic incident inside Belmars Prison without being able to get immediate medical attention, because that is essentially the case with prisons,” Stella Assange said.

The founder of WikLeaks is facing charges for 18 crimes in the US and is in danger of being sentenced to 175 years. Last week, British Home Secretary Pretty Patel approved his extradition to the United States.

Immediately afterwards, reports appeared in the Australian press, according to which the new government under Albanezi is secretly negotiating with its US partners for the release of Assange.

The Australian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it was continuing to provide consular assistance to Assange, but added that it could not intervene. He also noted that his case “lasts too long and should be completed”.

Australian Immigration Minister Andrew Giles said today that Albanese “has made it clear that he believes an end must be put to the case of Julian Assange and the treatment that exists”.

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