Forest fires near Berlin under control after rains


Forest fires in eastern Germany were largely brought under control after rains on Monday morning. The mayor of the village of Beelitz, about 50 kilometers southwest of Berlin, reports that not all fires have yet been extinguished. It is, however, safe enough for evacuees to return home.

Residents of the area were evacuated due to the forest fires. A shelter had been set up for them at the nearby town hall of Treuenbrietzen. The mayor advises people returning home on Monday to keep windows and doors closed as much as possible.

Most of the roads that were closed have been reopened. The fire can still produce a lot of smoke.

The fire broke out on Friday as it was unusually hot in eastern Germany. In some places it was 38 degrees. It was difficult for firefighters to reach the fires. The German army has, among other things, sent firefighting helicopters to the region.

The temperature in the region has since dropped considerably. According to German weather reports, more rain will fall in the area around the fires on Monday.

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