Until June 30, the applications for the 26 nurseries of DYPA


On Thursday, June 30, at 23:59, the deadline electronic submission of applications for registrations and re-registrations of infants in the 26 nurseries of the Public Employment Service (DYPA) for the school year 2022-2023. Hospitality for infants is free.

The privately owned nurseries of DYPA operate from the 1st of September to the 31st of July, from 6:45 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday) and are addressed to infants from 6 months to 4 years. As mentioned in an announcement of DYPA, a daily program of creative employment is implemented for the harmonious psychosomatic and educational development of children. The selection criteria are economic (with priority given to children with low-income parents) and social (children with many children, orphans, children of single-parent families, children with disabilities, etc.).

In Attica, there are nurseries in the Municipalities of Acharnes, Agia Varvara, Ano Liossia, Elefsina, Keratsini, Moschato, Olympic Village and Peristeri, while in the rest of Greece they operate in the cities of Agrinio, Arta, Drama, Ioannina, Kaumas, Igoumenas , Karpenisi, Komotini, Larissa, Messolonghi, Naoussa, Xanthi, Patras, Pylaia, Thessaloniki, Serres and Trikala.

The submission of applications is done exclusively electronically, through gov.gr, with the TAXISnet passwords, at the electronic address: ttps: //www.gov.gr/ipiresies/ekpaideuse/eggraphe-se-brephiko-kai-paidiko-stathmo/ eggraphe-se-brephonepiako-stathmo-tes-demosias-uperesias-apaskholeses-d-up.

Specifically, the route is: gov.gr → Education → Registration in a daycare center → Registration in a daycare center of the Public Employment Service (D.Y.P.A.).

Beneficiaries are the parent, parents or custodians (sponsors, guardians, etc.) of beneficiary children, who:

– during the years 2021-2022, completed a total of 25 days of insurance in e-EFKA and / or special maternity protection benefit and / or regular unemployment subsidy and / or long-term unemployment subsidy, or

– are registered in the Register of Unemployed of DYPA for at least two months on the date of expiration of the application deadline, or

– are beneficiaries of unemployment benefits for self-employed insured persons (formerly OAEE, formerly ETAP-MME, formerly EBRD).

Upon completion of the application process, a provisional list of selected infants and toddlers will be posted and beneficiaries will be able to object within three days.

For more information, those interested can visit the address: https://www.dypa.gov.gr/brefonipiaki-paidiki-stathmi-oaed.

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