China temporarily bans Teslas over fears of spying around political summit


Teslas will not be allowed to enter the Chinese coastal area of ​​Beidaihe for at least two months, where the annual summer meeting of Chinese leaders is soon to be held. China is probably concerned about espionage, because of the cameras installed on vehicles.

Beidaihe traffic police gave no official reason for Tesla’s ban, but said it was “national affairs”. In early June, Teslas were also not welcome in the city of Chengdu, coinciding with a visit to the city by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Teslas were also banned from Chinese military compounds last year. This is due to concerns about the cameras that vehicles owned by the American company have on board.

CEO Elon Musk said at the time that Tesla was not spying in China and the company would be shut down if it did. Months later, Tesla said all data generated by cars sold in China was stored in the country.

Car manufacturers are increasingly equipping their vehicles with cameras and sensors capable of capturing images of the environment. How these images are used and where they are stored is a challenge for industry and authorities around the world. Teslas also have different cameras to help drivers park and change lanes, among other things.

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