Germany: Russian gas flow through Nord Stream 1 increased slightly


However, flows remain at only 40% of capacity, with Russian gas company Gazprom announcing a reduction to 67 million cubic meters last week.

The flow of Russian gas in Europe through the pipeline Nord Stream 1 was slightly higher this morning, while the gas supply through Ukraine remained stable and the flow to the east via the Yamal-Europe pipeline mdecreased compared to last week, according to data from the pipeline manager.

Gas flows to Germany via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline under the Baltic Sea amounted to 30,282,592 kilowatt hours (kWh / h) by 10:40 Greek time, at the highest levels since June 16, according to information from the management company. .

Flows also slightly exceeded gas statements or requests, which were at 29,284,539 kilowatt hours.

However the flows remain at only 40% of capacitywith Russian gas company Gazprom announcing last week a reduction to 67 million cubic meters (mcm) per day, equivalent to about 30,414,741 kilowatt hours, due to the delayed return of equipment maintained by Germany’s Siemens Energy to Canada .

The pipeline will also have regular annual emaintenance work from 11 to 21 Julya period during which there are usually no flows.

The supply of Europe through Ukraine through the point of entry Suja was at 41.7 cubic meters todayremaining unchanged from yesterday, Sunday, Gazprom said.

Statements on gas flows in Slovakia from Ukraine via the Velke Kapusani border crossing was at 36.8 cubic meters per day, remaining unchanged from yesterday, according to data from the manager of the Ukrainian distribution system.

Flows eastward through the Yamal-Europe pipeline to Poland from Germany fell over the weekend, according to data from the managing company of the Gascade pipeline.

Exit flows at the Malnov measuring point on the German-Polish border were 1,626,633 kilowatt hours this morning, slightly higher than weekend levels (about 1,250,000 kilowatt hours) but lower than Friday flows (about 5,100,000). kilowatt hours), according to the data.


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