DYPA: Reduction of the registered unemployed by 7.2% in May


The total number of subsidized unemployed amounted to 111,758 people

In The total number of registered unemployed was 926,444 in May 2022 against 998,322 people in April 2022 (-7.2%) and against 1,013,163 people in May 2021 (-8.56%), according to its registered unemployment statistics Public Employment Service (DYPA).

In particular, as announced, the total number of registered unemployed, with the criterion of job search (job seekers), in May 2022, amounted to 919,236 people. Of these, 532,600 (percentage 57.94%) are registered in the register of DYPA for a period equal to or more than 12 months and 386,636 (percentage 42.06%) are registered in the register of DYPA for a period of less than 12 months. Men amounted to 318,977 (percentage 34.70%) and women amounted to 600,259 (percentage 65.30%).

The total number of registered others (not looking for work), in May 2022, amounted to 7,208 people. Men amounted to 2,676 (percentage 37.13%) and women amounted to 4,532 (percentage 62.87%).

The total of the subsidized unemployedin May 2022, (refers to the number of beneficiaries paid within the respective month), amounted to 111,758 people, of which 94,449 (percentage 84.51%) are common and other categories of subsidized and 17,309 (percentage 15.49%) are seasonal tourism professions. Men amounted to 49,322 (percentage 44.13%) and women amounted to 62,436 (percentage 55.87%).

Of the total subsidized unemployed, 89,771 (80.33%) are common, 2,507 (2.24%) are builders, 17,309 (15.49%) are seasonal tourism professionals, 1,797 (1.61%) are seasonal others (rural), 324 (percentage 0.29%) are teachers and 50 (percentage 0.04%) are others.

Source: ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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