Tested: It’s the best soundbar


What is the best soundbar? And which one has the best value for money? The Consumers Association responds.

With a soundbar, you can improve your TV sound relatively easily. Usually it also takes up little space since you place the speaker bar directly under your TV. Some soundbars have an additional separate speaker for bass sounds (subwoofer).

The consumer association tests soundbars for sound quality, ease of use and power consumption. A total of 67 soundbars have been tested which are currently reasonably well available.

A soundbar from Yamaha is the best in the test. A JBL model is the best buy.

Best in review: Yamaha YSP-2700

This soundbar from Yamaha has been on the market for a while and isn’t exactly cheap. But it still beats all competitors, including newer models. It is equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth and has a separate subwoofer.

The sound quality of the YSP-2700 is excellent. Stereo sound, for example when listening to music, and sound during a movie are very good. High, mid and low tones are well balanced. Even at fairly high volume, the sound is clean.

During a movie, the left and right effects stand out well. The voice sounds good too. Only the bass could sound a bit deeper.

It is easy to use, both with a remote control and with a smartphone or tablet. You can stream music via, for example, Apple Airplay or Spotify Connect.

A downside is that the soundbar doesn’t have an off button and therefore always stays on standby. This is the case with all the soundbars tested and it costs energy unnecessarily. You can solve this problem by connecting the soundbar to a power strip with an on/off switch.

Best Buy: JBL Bar 5.0 Multibeam

This JBL soundbar is much cheaper to buy than the Yamaha. But you sacrifice some performance.

The sound of the JBL is quite good, but not quite on par with that of the Yamaha. The sound of the JBL sometimes sounds a bit unnatural. It is remarkable that the bass sounds sufficiently full, despite the absence of a subwoofer.

Sound with movies is also good and sounds nice. The sound gives an impression of liveliness and the voices are clear. Top-to-bottom effects do a little better than left-to-right.

You order it via an app. You can stream music via Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast. As with the Yamaha, the JBL does not have a stop button.


In this column, we write weekly about home appliances and technology that have been tested by the Consumers Association. This is a collaboration between the independent editors of this site and the Association des Consommateurs.

The Consumers’ Association tests thousands of products every year, in collaboration with qualified technicians in specialized national and foreign laboratories. The products tested are store bought, so they are not pre-handled by the manufacturers.

New models are tested as soon as possible after their introduction. Speed ​​varies by product. The Best in Test is the product with the highest test rating, which is readily available. It can also be a slightly older model, because a newer model is not always better. The Best Buy is the product with the best value for money.

The listed price of a product is the lowest retail price currently known to the Consumers Association. But prices may vary per day. If no recent retail price is known, the target price is shown.

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