Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure: Interconnection of MAAE and Integrated Information System of AADE


The integration of interface between the Register of Farmers and Agricultural Holdings (MAAE) and his Integrated Information System of ΑΑΔΕannounced the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food.

“From the day I took office, I set among my main priorities, the digital transformation of the primary sector, but also of the ministry. “A lot has been done in this direction all these months”, said the Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, George Stylios.

As he added, “recently we managed to connect our services with AADE. This basically means that, we will need about 75,000 fewer documents (E1, E3 and clearing notes) per year, in order for the citizens to be characterized as professional farmers with administrative control “and stressed that” the next step, in order to make this process completely digital , concerns the interconnection of our services with EFKA. We are implementing our strategy for digital transformation. “

For his part, the Governor of the Independent Public Revenue Authority, George Pitsilis, pointed out that “this interconnection is another step towards the further digital modernization of the public administration”, noting that “the Independent Public Revenue Authority continues to expand its cooperation with both more and more public bodies, for the benefit of citizens and public officials “.

As mentioned in the announcement of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, this interconnection achieves:

• Automation of the process of exchange of financial information, which concerns the incomes and the determination of the agricultural income for each producer.

• Automation of controls regarding the performance of the status of “professional farmer”, resulting in the simplification of procedures for the benefit of producers.

• Acceleration of the goal of communication, without the in-person presence of the interested party in the competent services (Departments of Rural Development and Controls – TAAE) in the context of electronic circulation of documents, information and data between public sector bodies, citizens and businesses, resulting in increase the degree of satisfaction of the traders with the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and the supervised bodies from the services provided to them.

• Valid and immediate enjoyment of tax exemptions, tax exemptions, financial aid or other benefits arising from national or Community provisions.

• Providing services with efficiency, effectiveness and security.

• Adequate support to the political leadership for decision-making with direct export of financial data concerning professional farmers and / or agricultural holders for the planning of agricultural policy (aid, compensation, etc.).

• Relief of scientific staff from the administrative burden, for carrying out controls in areas such as propagating material, fertilizers, animal feed, etc.

• Export of statistical data, such as categorization of agricultural potential, number and data of new entrants, etc.

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