Kikilias – Tourism: 884% increase in arrivals and 1000% in revenues on an annual basis


“There is no doubt that the numbers and data are very good so far. Nevertheless, I tell everyone that we will make a fund at the end of the year and after the tourist season is over “, noted the Minister of Tourism.

With the positive news from the data of the Bank of Greece for the month of April that they show 884% increase in travelers’ arrivals from abroad and 1000% increase in the relevant receipts, in comparison with April 2021, the Regional Tourism Council started, which took place today, Monday, under the Minister of Tourism, Vassilis Kikilias.

According to the Minister, despite the unstable environment that exists worldwide, the start of the summer tourist season is very positive and the messages are optimistic to achieve the goal of significant strengthening of the Greek economy and support of the tourism industry, trade, catering, primary sector, small and medium enterprises and finally the average Greek family.

“There is no doubt that the numbers and data are very good so far. Nevertheless I tell everyone that We will make a fund at the end of the year and after the tourist season is overNoted the Minister.

The Minister of Tourism informed that meetings have already been held with HEDNO, IPTO as well as the Ministries of Civil Protection and Environment & Energy, in order for the state mechanism to be fully prepared to deal with emergencies that may arise especially in islands and tourist destinations. of the mainland.

At the same time, Mr. Kikilias confirmed that there is close cooperation of the Ministries of Tourism and Labor with the Association of Greek Businesses (SETE), the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers (POX) and the Hotel Chamber of Greece (XEE) on labor issues: private sector, but I ask – and this mainly concerns health stores – to continue to do inspections throughout the summer and throughout the season so that we can defend our product for next year and next, “he said.

“We are joining forces with the tourism institutions and the Regional Governors in order to continue to give the maximum degree of our efforts for the upgrade of the tourist product and the increase of the travel flows” stressed Mr. Kikilias.

The president of SETE, Giannis Retsos, pointed out the decisive role played by the successful response to the pandemic in making Greece a very strong brand in tourism this year, stating, however, that effort is needed from all stakeholders to maintain what was built. and emphasizing the need for daily and strict controls, so that the value for money is at the highest possible level.

The president of POX Grigoris Tassiossaid that this year will be a good one for tourism, despite the difficulties faced by the hotel industry due to the energy crisis and accuracy while the president of the Hotel Chamber of Greece Alexandros Vasilikos announced the very positive research data to strengthen primary production and the average Greek family, which was done in 700 hotels and demonstrates that the products supplied by the hotel units in our country are Greek at a rate of 88%.

For his part, the president of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel & Tourism Offices (FedHATTA), Lysandros Tsilidis praised the good cooperation that exists with all agencies and the Ministry of Tourism in the field of extroversion and sustainable development which is a major issue for the upgrade of the Greek tourist product.


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