KLM must solve half of the seat problem at Schiphol in July


In July, KLM will have to limit the number of seats for passengers departing from Schiphol to just under seven thousand on average each day. The slot coordinator Airport Coordination Netherlands (ACNL) made this calculation based on the number of slots airlines normally have at the airport. With around half the number of slots, KLM is by far Schiphol’s largest user.

In July, according to the airport, there are about 13,500 too many seats every day if all planes are completely full. The restrictions, necessary due to the lack of staff, concern departing travelers who use security. Transfer passengers are not included in this calculation.

Airlines are free to choose how the seat limit is implemented. For example, ticket sales may be stopped or passenger trips must be cancelled. It also depends on the number of tickets already sold.

Airlines KLM, Transavia and travel agency TUI say they are not yet sure what the restrictions will mean for their passengers. They are now investigating this and expect more clarity soon. The reported numbers came as a surprise to TUI, as they were “fairly” deviating from an indication the company received last week.

According to ACNL Director Hugo Thomassen, airlines are looking for alternative options. Thomassen has recently noticed an interest in Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports in particular. He expects the last slots at Rotterdam The Hague Airport to be allocated “in the coming hours or days”.

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