N. Dendias briefed European Foreign Ministers on the escalation of the Turkish provocation


THE Foreign Minister Nikos Δένδιας intervened earlier today Foreign Affairs Council in the Luxembourg and informed them thoroughly its European Union counterparts for scaling the Turkish provocative behaviorreport diplomatic sources.

In particular, he stressed that Turkey’s provocative and delinquent behavior has escalated to a rhetorical level and on the ground. He also underlined the ongoing revisionism of Turkey, which is expressed both by constant threats and by a direct questioning of the sovereignty of the Greek islands, according to the same diplomatic sources.

In this context, the Foreign Minister thanked those who have already condemned these actions and pointed out that it is appropriate for all Member States to emphasize their commitment to maintaining the inviolability of borders and respect for international treaties, especially in the current context.

In fact, Nikos Dendias referred in detail to the recent Turkish provocative actions, including overflights and violations near strategic points, such as the port of Alexandroupolis, as well as the instrumentation of immigration, especially in Evros, where there is an increase in efforts to our country. .

Finally, the Foreign Minister briefed his counterparts on the developments in the Western Balkans, in the light of his recent tour of the region, as well as the Summit of the Process for Cooperation in South-Eastern Europe, the same sources note.

In his speech, N. Dendias reiterated the need to give a clear message to the region regarding their European perspective and in the light of Ukraine’s European perspective.

He stressed the need for the immediate start of accession negotiations with Albania and Northern Macedonia and reiterated that Greece will continue to contribute through the provision of technical assistance.

The Foreign Minister concluded by saying that all his interlocutors expressed concern about energy and food security, due to the war in Ukraine, as well as the penetration of review forces in the region. For these reasons, the acceleration of the European perspective of the Western Balkans becomes even more imperative, diplomatic sources underline.


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