Elon Musk: Turkish hysteria over Croesus tweet about Istanbul


On June 17, Musk posted a tweet showing a Byzantine wondering half-asleep: ‘Did I lock the gate?’ “Sparking Turkish anger.

The hysteria of some Turks, and not even ordinary people, continues, but distinguished historiansfor Elon Musk’s tweet about Istanbul, since they even invent conspiracy theories looking to find … hidden messages in the controversial tweet (!)

On June 17, Musk posted a tweet showing a Byzantine wondering half-asleep: “Did I lock the gate?” sparking the wrath of the Turks.

Turkish historians criticized the richest man in the world for his famous tweet about how Constantinople was conquered by the Ottomans in 1453, insisting that the founder of Tesla and Space had hinted that the city had been conquered, not by military victory. but because of an open gate which was forgotten by the Byzantine soldiers.

“The theory of the open gate was written by him [αυστριακό συγγραφέα και δημοσιογράφο του 20ού αιώνα] Stefan Zweich. He knew European history well, but he did not know much about Turkish history. “argued the Turkish historian berlber Ortaylı.

“Many social media users noticed the timing of the tweet, that is, the peak of tension between Turkey and Greece. “Some believed that Musk underestimated the Fall of Constantinople, some that he warned Greece ‘to keep the gates closed against the Turks’,” comments Hurriyet.

“Istanbul was conquered after enormous military preparations. “It was not that easy,” Ortaylı said. “Musk can refer to theory [του Τσβάιχ]but [φαίνεται] that he does not know the details “, he added.

Erhan Afyoncu was another historian who got angry with the tycoon.

“Rumors of an ‘open gate’ have nothing to do with reality. It spread to recover from the shock of the conquest and to underestimate the fall of the city to the Turks “he argued.

Necmettin Alkan, who teaches Ottoman history, said the conquest “was not as simple as the entry of 50 janissaries through an open gate”. When asked what Musk’s motive was, he even stated: “With this tweet he tells the Greeks Be careful. The Turks can come again ‘. Or maybe he meant, ‘Keep your gates closed [τώρα] so as not to invoke an excuse [αύριο]’».

Byzantine historian Ebru Altan is another expert who believes that Musk was making fun of the Greeks. “This ‘open gate’ is said to be the ‘Kerkoporta’, which is now located between the neighborhoods of the old city of Istanbul, Eğrikapı and Edirnekapı. Some keep this myth alive to underestimate the conquest “.

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