Parliament: The Code of Maritime Cabotage Legislation has been submitted for ratification


Filed for ratification in Parliament “Code of Maritime cabotage Legislation and passenger rights “.

The relevant bill of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy will be submitted for processing to the competent committee of the Parliament next Wednesday, 22/06/2022, while it is expected to be voted by the plenary of the Parliament the next day (Thursday, 23/06/2022).

The bill updates and systematizes in a single text the legislation regarding:

a. the bodies and the manner of exercising state supervision in the field of maritime cabotage,

b. the conditions and the procedure for the free provision of services in maritime cabotage to or from ports of islands (regular and extraordinary routing of ships, execution and interruption of voyages, etc.),

c. the conclusion of public service contracts (for the exclusive service of specific lines, for rent, by direct assignment, with public bodies, etc.),

d. the manner of repayment of public service contracts (through the Public Investment Program of the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy),

e. the protection of seafarers and land workers, in the context of the execution of the above contracts (submission of letters of guarantee of good execution or payment of state subsidies for the execution of barren lines, in case of unpaid salaries, etc.),

f. ensuring the protection of employees in shipping companies as well as the protection of shipping;

g. the conditions and procedure for the performance of maritime cabotage between mainland ports;

h. the transport of goods and postal items,

i. the rights of passengers (monetary compensation, discounts or refunds, etc.) as well as the obligations of passengers and carriers,

j. the penalties imposed for non-compliance with the above legal framework.

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