France: Republicans rule out cooperation with Macron’s faction


The Republicansthe party of the traditional right France, excluded today the possibility to unite with President Emanuel’s centrists Macron or to conclude a cooperation agreement, after Sunday’s parliamentary elections, in which no faction secured an absolute majority in the National Assembly.

With the exception of a few cases, Republican lawmakers meeting today to discuss the election result have already rejected a co-operation agreement with Macron. Analysts, however, say they may openly support the government’s bills on a case-by-case basis.

Republican leader Christian Jacob reiterated today that he opposes any deal with Macron. “We just had a debate and what I’m telling you here is our almost unanimous position, which reflects the vast majority,” he told reporters as he left the meeting.

The Ensemble! (“Together”) by Macron and the Republicans have similar plans for the economy. For example, they both want to raise the retirement age and support nuclear power. If they cooperated, they would have a majority in parliament.

Asked about possible Republican rhetoric, Jacobs said his lawmakers “campaigned together and will stay together without difficulty.”

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