Power Pass: Opened the platform for VAT with expiration of 3-4


The announcements will be made tomorrow for the support in fuel, as announced by the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou.

The process of submitting applications for the electricity subsidy up to 600 euros is in full swing.

The platform is now open for those who have AMF with the last digit 1, 2, 3 and 4 and gradually the rest will follow.

So far more than 300,000 citizens have submitted their application through vouchers.gov.gr as mentioned the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis via his twitter post.


The financial one concerns the electricity bills of the first residence or student housing within Greece, which were issued during the period from 01-12-2021 until 31-05-2022. The subsidy rate amounts to 60% of the increase in the electricity price of the first home and, depending on the amount of the bills, can amount to up to 600 euros. The beneficiary of the Power Pass is every citizen who:

• is a tax resident of Greece,

• his net family income after tax deduction does not exceed € 45,000, based on the declared income of the tax year 2020,

• has a VAT number that has not already been declared as a dependent member in an application submitted by another person and

• was charged with a total increase of more than € 30 in the electricity bills issued during the period from 01-12-2021 until 31-05-2022.

The process

The operation of the vouchers.gov.gr platform is very simple, as you only need the citizen codes on Taxisnet and the IBAN of the account to which the grant wishes to be credited. All other data are pumped automatically through the Interoperability Center of the General Secretariat of Information Systems of Public Administration.

How to apply

1. The citizen enters the platform with his codes in Taxisnet and confirms that his data (name, TIN, year of birth) displayed are correct.

2. The citizen is asked to choose whether he wants to apply for himself or for a protected member of his family.

3. The details of the main residence per month (address and supply number) are displayed on the screen. This information the beneficiary can:

– or confirm them,

– or to modify them through the platform “Main Residence Declaration for Power Pass” (https://www1.aade.gr/saadeapps3/powerpass/katoikia), which has been implemented by AADE. The citizen can be transferred to the AADE platform through vouchers.gov.gr, by clicking on the relevant field that appears below the details of first residence. The data declared on the AADE platform are registered immediately. Thus, after the beneficiary fills in the correct details of the first residence, he can return to the Power Pass platform and complete his application.

4. The fields appear on the same page so that the citizen can fill in his e-mail, IBAN and the name of the banking institution where his bank account is kept.

5. By clicking “Submit”, the citizen completes the application process.

For as long as the application platform remains open, a pre-check will be carried out and notifications will be sent to the citizens for any corrections (non-existent provision, incorrect account category, etc.). The clearance of applications, the determination of the refund amount and its payment to the beneficiaries will take place during the first ten days of July.

It is clarified that the beneficiaries can apply both for their main residence and for the student housing of protected members studying in Greece. In these cases, the citizen can submit up to three additional applications for protected members, each time following the above steps.

In addition, for those who are required to file a tax return for the first time in fiscal year 2021, it is necessary to file a tax return before applying for a Power Pass. In this case, the net family income, after deduction of taxes, of the tax year 2021 will be taken into account.

Tomorrow the announcements will be made for the support in fuel – Fuel Pass

The announcements for the support in fuel will be made tomorrow, as the government spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou announced during the briefing of the political authors.

As he said The announcements for the Fuel Pass will be made tomorrow, Tuesday, first by the Prime Minister to the Council of Ministers and later by the financial staff (15:00).

“We recognize the problem of energy accuracy, a meeting was recently completed under the prime minister, tomorrow the relevant announcements will be made by the prime minister to the cabinet,” he said.

The meeting under the Prime Minister was attended by the Ministers of Finance, Energy, Development, Rural Development.

The new fuel aid plan, according to information so far, provides for the following:

  • For gasoline, the fuel pass system will continue with the amount of the subsidy being higher than the previous one, at about 60-65 euros.
  • Income criteria will be examined, most likely including those with a family income of up to 45,000 euros (net after tax), as was the case with the power pass
  • For diesel the subsidy will continue to be given to the pump and will probably be higher than it is today, ie from 0.12 euros it will reach 0.15 euros per liter.
  • It will last for three months and will be valid from July 1 and will end on September 30.

The government spokesman noted that the national program for managing the impact of energy increases is in full swing and announced that applications for Power Pass have already reached 250,000.

“Greece spends more than 3% of its annual production to protect households and businesses. “Greece is also a leader in this global crisis and is a model to be imitated for the support of society”, he noted and reiterated that from July 1, a new pricing system will be introduced in electricity, which, among other things, neutralizes the adjustment clause.

“Our government is doing what it has promised. We are next to the citizens because above all it is the human being. “We are turning every economic possibility into a social acquis”, he underlined.

Mr. Economou also referred in detail to the bill on RES submitted to Parliament on Friday and spoke about the program to replace energy-consuming electrical appliances. He said that tomorrow the relevant platform will be opened for the program that provides subsidies from 30% to 50%.

Finally, referring to the rescue of migrants off Mykonos, Mr. Oikonomou said that once again human lives were saved that ruthless circuits of traffickers endanger.

“The government publicly congratulates the Coast Guard personnel. This operation is another shocking response to the systematic slanderers. Let those who very easily exercise reckless criticism see the facts. “Greece responds with actions to easy criticism”, he underlined.

  • Turkish provocation: Turkey has received answers from Greece, sober and documented. We respond with actions that save human lives. To turn his attention to the circuits of traffickers.
  • We are not thinking about restoring the mask. Citizens should do their best to protect themselves.


Source: skai.gr

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