Diplomats for NATO Summit: Why Erdogan Will Probably Not Raise Issue of Demilitarization of Islands


Only if the issue of Sweden and Finland is not resolved can it be used for disorientation – Ankara is rumored to even demand the resignation of Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Lind!

It is not very likely Recep Tayyip Erdoάνan to raise the issue of demilitarization of the Greek islands at the NATO Summit in Madrid (June 28-30), diplomatic sources say, commenting on the relevant reports in the Turkish press.

Firstly, they explain, because the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, gave a positive image and promised a calm summer, during the brief meeting he had with the Greek Minister of the Armed Forces, Nikos Panayotopoulos, at the last NATO Ministerial Summit in Brussels. Secondly, because Turkey would create the image that in addition to the other problems it has created, also threatens a NATO country.

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The same diplomatic sources estimate that Erdogan may have raised the issue of demilitarization of the islands, only if it is not resolved until the Madrid Summit, the problem with Sweden and Finland. He would only do this if he wanted to disorient himself from the main problem, which is the accession of the two Scandinavian countries, and turn to Greece for distraction. If that happens, the Greek side will explain, as always calmly, that the NATO Summit is not the right place to make such absurd claims, the same sources said.

Diplomatic sources consider the fact that Ankara agreed to participate in the negotiations with Sweden and Finland, for which the NATO secretariat and the Secretary General have been pushing for days, to be “positive”. Stoltenberg. Although no progress has been made so far, talks will continue today and tomorrow, with the hope of finding a compromise ahead of the NATO summit in Madrid despite what is being said by Turkey.

They point out, however, that even if Turkey lifts its reservations about the accession of Sweden and Finland tomorrow, there is no time in a week to make all the necessary procedures for the accession process of the two countries to proceed and to be able to participate in the NATO Summit with the status of “observer” countries. Reaching a compromise, however, would be a “very positive development” if it finally happened before Madrid, the same sources commented.

According to the same sources, in the event that Ankara decides to stop the blackmail, the three countries will sign a joint declaration, which will respond to Turkish concerns about terrorism, but also to its request for the lifting of the arms embargo by Sweden. Erdogan could “sell” this statement inside, saying that he came out of the negotiation with a win. However, Ankara still has demands from Helsinki and especially Stockholm to lift its security concerns about terrorism – which rumors say include even the resignation of Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Lind – impossible to be satisfied, they estimate. At the same time, as Turkey has more “open issues” with Sweden, while with Finland things seem easier, no one wants only Finland to join, because that would leave it exposed to the Russian threat.

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