Israeli Prime Minister to dissolve parliament, new opportunity for Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will dissolve the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, and call new elections. He announced it on Monday with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid. The two take the plunge because they failed to “stabilize the government coalition”, write the politicians.

Until then, Lapid will succeed Bennett as prime minister. Lapid is the leader of the current ruling coalition, but has split over the course of action.

The decision to dissolve the Knesset still has to be voted on by the parliament itself next week. It looks like a formality. Because some members resigned, the coalition had already lost its majority in parliament.

The coalition, formed a year ago, was made up of eight different parties. The collaboration involved left-wing parties, right-wing parties, center parties, Jewish parties and Muslim parties. Above all, they had in common a desire to remove former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from power.

Netanyahu’s party, still the largest individual party in the Knesset, is sure to vote for dissolution. New elections offer Netanyahu a chance to regain power.

October 25 is mentioned as the date of the elections in various Israeli media. It would be Israel’s fifth parliamentary election in 3.5 years.

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