Diplomatic sources: It is unlikely that Erdogan will raise the issue of demilitarization of islands at NATO summit


THE President of Turkey, Tagip Erdogan, hard I will put theme demilitarization of Greek islands in Session NATO summit in Madrid, according to diplomatic sources.

Firstly, because the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, gave a positive image and promised a calm summer, during the brief meeting he had with the Greek Minister of the Armed Forces, N. Panagiotopoulos, at the last NATO Ministerial Summit in Brussels. Secondly, because Turkey would create the image that, in addition to the other problems it has created, it also threatens a NATO country.

The same diplomatic sources estimate that Erdogan might have raised the issue of demilitarization of the islands, only if the problem with Sweden and Finland has not been resolved by the Madrid Summit. He would do this only if he wanted to disorient himself from the main problem which is the accession of the two Scandinavian countries and turn to Greece for distraction. If that happens, the Greek side will explain, as always calmly, that the NATO Summit is not the right place to make such absurd claims, the same sources said.


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