Sakharov on food crisis: West blamed for ‘catastrophic actions’


“It’s the fault of the Western regimes, which act as provocateurs and destroyers,” said a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

Russia on Monday insisted that rising grain prices had heightened fears for the global food crisis, It was the result of the “destructive” actions of the West and not of the blockade of Ukrainian exports from Moscow.

“Regarding the possibility of a food crisis, more and more experts are leaning towards a pessimistic scenario (…) It is the fault of the western regimes, which act as provocateurs “and destroyers,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told the Telegram.

According to her, the West has made “systematic mistakes” in the design of its agricultural policy and caused a rise in global inflation with “short-sighted” financial and monetary mechanisms created during the pandemic.

He claimed that the rise in prices is also the result of an energy transition policy which was “poorly designed” from the countries of Europe and North America, with special reference to the forced import of biofuels.

Finally, Maria Zakharova spoke of “illegal restrictions” imposed by the West after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which disrupted the Russian supply chain, especially grain exports.

The Council of Ministers earlier today adopted conclusions on the response of Team Europe to the global food insecurity, noting that the unprovoked and unjustified Aggressive war in Russia against Ukraine has catastrophic consequences for the Ukrainian people, but also for people around the world.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell calls Russia’s blockade of Ukrainian grain exports “A real war crime”, clarifying that the bloc’s sanctions in Russia play no role in the global food crisis. Borel said “it is not European sanctions” that “create this crisis”.

Russia’s war in Ukraine could lead up to 49 million people in famine or famine conditions due to its devastating impact on global supply and food prices, according to the United Nations.

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